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January 6th Would Never Have Happened Under A Paul Ryan Presidency

"I spent my whole adult life in that building," said Paul Ryan, who served as a Republican congressman from Wisconsin for two decades. "And I saw my friends, a lot of cops, some of my old security detail -- I'm still friends with a bunch of those guys. It really disturbed me, foundationally."

There are two types of leaders. Those that allow carnage and the deaths of public servants to unfold under their watch when they have the power to immediately stop it and those that would never let a situation like that even develop.

Donald Trump did absolutely nothing in a crisis that revealed his true character or lack thereof. Donald Trump represents the worst element of America. He represent vicious self-interest, dishonesty, a complete lack of empathy and no concept of what it means to serve the people. Of course, we know that all politicians are corrupt in some manner, but none of them have ever let 5 police officers die and four of their own supporters in a situation that they created and they alone could have stopped. This was not an international incident. This was not a mission being managed from the war room. This was not an attack from foreign forces. This was a mob that was inspired by years of Trump’s unrelenting rhetoric and his ultimate incitement on January 6th. He has yet to even call any of the families of the officers that ultimately lost their lives because of the insurrection. How is this a man of God? How is this a man of the people? How is this a man that support law enforcement and the rule of law?

The January 6th hearings did not consist of a stream of democrats denouncing Trump and his actions. They were example after example of his own people telling their story on that day and their disbelief in how Trump handled the situation - or didn’t.

We need a conservative in the White House that actually cares about the citizens of this great country. We need a man that has integrity and will fight for those that agree with him as well as those that disagree with him. We need a man that will unite this country and knows how government works in all its flawed ways.

Paul Ryan has the experience. Paul Ryan has the respect of conservatives and liberals that is needed to move us closer together instead of further apart.

Our country is at a cross-roads and we must do whatever we can to return conservative values and stability to the White House.

Please submit your email and help us build the base that is needed to pull Paul Ryan into the running and get him back on the trail. Paul Ryan is our best hope in achieving sanity and civility again in our country and our government.

Speaker Paul Ryan for President 2024!

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1 Comment

Oct 01, 2022

Yes, because he would have rolled over, rather than contest anything.

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