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Who The Heck Should Be President of the United States?

We’re over a year Into Biden’s administration. Sure, he’s not a crazy person like Trump, but he still isn’t making much happen. The Republicans, on the other hand, continue to try and out-crazy each other.

Where the heck is sane, centrist leadership? Why are we forced to choose between two extremes?

It seems there are basically two reasonable options left.

  1. Encourage a prominent centrist Republican (does one exist?) and a prominent centrist Democrat (does one exist?) to run together on a 3rd party ticket.

  2. Encourage a sane Republican to take a stand against the mania infecting conservatives and the delusion infecting the liberals

It’s difficult to see the 3rd party option being successful - at least in the next presidential election.

It does, however, seem reasonable to think rational conservatives and liberal alike would respond well to a conservative candidate that moves the middle.

This is where we see Paul Ryan taking a stand and pulling in voters from both parties.

Paul has the political chops, he has proven that he understands government and people and he represents sanity and safety for many in this country.

If you think Paul is the man for the job or that he is promising enough to make a run and have the opportunity to win your vote, sign up today. We need to show him that he has supporters and people that are open-minded to him returning to the public stage.

Visit and submit your email so Paul knows he has support.

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Michele Witkowski
Michele Witkowski
16 de jan. de 2023

Ryan is a rhino, and a do nothing republican! He and old Liz are the last people, right there with the Dems that any true American loving patriot would ever vote for!

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