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Paul Ryan Is The Only Sane Choice For The 2024 Republican Candidate For President

Whether you voted for Trump or not, it's undeniably that his presidency did considerable harm to the Republican cause and continues to do so. It's time to regain the sanity, morality, and intelligent and considered political thinking that the Republican Party actually stands for. It’s time to select a Republican candidate that can actually win. Trump lost once and he’ll lose again. We need a Republican that can pull people from the middle vs pushing them further to the left.

The 2024 Presidential Election is the time to steer the Republican cause back on course and recover everything that has been lost over the past few years. It's not too late to bring the party back from the brink of chaos - but the only way to do so is to put forward the most undeniably suitable candidate for the presidency in 2024.

Who is Paul Ryan?

If you've been paying attention at all to the political scene over the past decade, the name is bound to ring a bell. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan first rose to political prominence in the late 1990s when he was elected to represent Wisconsin's 1st congressional district, a role he would continue to fulfill successfully for the next twenty years when he was re-elected 8 times! It was the beginning of an illustrious and effective political career that allowed him to gather the experience, skills, and knowledge necessary to run the country properly.

1998 - Elected to the House representing Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District

2007 - Became a Member of the House Budget Committee

2011 to 2015 - Becomes Chairman of House Budget Committee

2012 - Ran as the Vice-Presidency Candidate alongside Mitt Romney

2015 - Chaired the House Ways and Means Committee

2015 - Ryan Served as Speaker of the House. (The Youngest Speaker to be elected since 1869.)

What does Paul Ryan Stand For?

Throughout this political career, Paul Ryan has shown again and again his commitment to Traditional American Values of Freedom, Hard Work, and Self-Sufficiency. He became known as a deficit hawk, intent on curtailing ballooning budgets, untempered spending, and irresponsible social care programs which threw money at the problem rather than address root causes.

Paul Ryan for President 2024 - Why Is He The Best Choice?

Paul Ryan Has The Experience that Trump Lacked.

Ryan's commitment to US politics and the well-being of the United States has been in evidence from the very start of his adult life when he graduated from Miami University with a degree in Economics and Political Science. With over twenty years of experience in working within the Republican Party and working day to day on his practical and non-sensational duties as a congressman from Wisconsin, Paul Ryan has all the experience, skills, and working knowledge that ex-president Donald Trump so clearly and disastrously lacked.

Bringing Dignity and Respect Back to the Republican Image

Liberal media outlets, Social Media SJWs, and other Republican critics have enjoyed the past few years being provided with a constant roll-out of scandals, outlandish statements, disrespectful behavior, FBI raids, and attempted insurrections that has allowed them to portray all Republicans as crazy, out of touch and incapable of sane thinking.

It's time to head back to the Republican party's more dignified, respectful, and politically intelligent days with representatives who are capable of self-control, deep thinking, and sane, measured decisions and actions.

Paul Ryan Can Unite the Country after the Division Trump Ignited

Rather than tabloid-friendly blazoning of extreme far-right soundbites, Paul Ryan has the ability to unite the sane followers of both parties to work together for the greater good. The majority of Americans have grown tired of the extreme left and extreme right claiming to represent their interests.

We need to send a message to unhinged extremists who think that as long they scream loud enough they can continue to speak over the intelligent, sane, and practical people who make up the majority of the populace.

Commitment to Integrity & Traditional Values over Flashy Soundbites and Media Excess

Paul Ryan represents a return to the Traditional Values, Morality, and Integrity that the Republican party has long represented in this country. Ryan is a committed family man who believes in hard work, honesty, and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. He stands for political integrity, fiscal responsibility, and traditional American values and had shown over and over again that he will not bend when it comes to standing up for these values whether against Liberals or the insidious influence of Trump's coterie.

The Republican Party Needs a Fresh Start

To make any kind of progress in the next election, the Republican Party needs to shake off the shameful image which has been transferred onto them by the irresponsible and unrestrained behavior of the extremes. The only way to so do this is to make sure that we don't invite the same people back to trounce the Republican reputation once more!

The Only Option for a Balanced, Responsible and Stable Leadership

Paul Ryan stands for responsibility, balance, tradition, and hard work. He represents the values and morality of the best of Republican America after a time when the worst has been allowed to flourish. Supporting Paul Ryan for President 2024 is supporting a return to solid leadership, considered thinking, and responsible planning which made the Republican party such a strong force and respected organization in the past.

Paul Ryan can repair the damage that Trump caused to the Republican Party, The Political System, and the American People. Now is the moment for Republicans to stand up for their cause and protect the party from another hijacking by media stars and extremists.

How Can You Help to Convince Paul Ryan to run for President in 2024?

If you agree that it's time for the real values of the Republican Party to come to prominence and start fixing what has been broken in this country for far too long, then show Paul Ryan you support him running for the 2024 Presidental election.Add your email to the 1 Million emails campaign on PaulRyanForPresident and play your part in turning the tide of Republican politics back on course.


I am a democrat but would consider voting for Paul Ryan. He is a good choice for the republicans that can handle the truth!


Oct 01, 2022

Desantis trumps Paul Ryan, both in action and thoughts.

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