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Paul Ryan's Experience Positions Him For President

Updated: May 1, 2021

Former Speaker of the House discusses congressional experience, economic policy

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan discussed ideologies that influenced his political career at a virtual event Thursday.

The Graduate School of Political Management and the National Churchill Leadership Center hosted the interview with Ryan, who spoke about his experience serving in Congress and his foundation that aims to increase economic opportunity in the United States. Justin Reash, the program director of National Churchill Leadership Center, moderated the event as part of the Churchill Leadership Series.

Ryan said he initially didn’t plan to become a member of Congress or run for office at a young age and was more drawn to creating ideas and shaping economic policies. He said while he could brainstorm ideas as a legislative staffer, he wanted to see those ideas get carried over into Congress and actually implemented, which motivated him to become a policymaker.

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