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Will Paul Ryan Be Mike Pence's Vice President?

Updated: May 1, 2021

Speculation surrounds Paul Ryan's next move. Will he run for President or will he take a VP role first?

While the Republican party still belongs to Donald Trump, it's hard to imagine Mike Pence breaking away. That being said, a Pence / Ryan ticket could be compelling to a large portion fo Republican voters.

Could a VP slot be the perfect step for Paul Ryan to re-introduce himself to conservative Americans? Does Trump's disdain for Ryan make any re-entry impossible?

We know we'd like to see the party move away from Trump and more toward Pence and Ryan who share traditional values and will not drag our country further into the swamp.

Paul Ryan for (vice) President!

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P & L Wood
P & L Wood
08 jun 2022

My husband and I have been hoping and praying that Paul Ryan would run for president for many years. He would definitely have our votes.

Me gusta

It's evident that Paul Ryan and Liz Cheney not only have the political capital, they have integrity and the backbone to "take the road less traveled." This would be very appealing to Americans with values, moderate Republicans and Democrats, and Independents. Ryan-Cheney would get my vote!

Me gusta
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